Façade Cladding System

The Deco Wall aluminum cladding is an ideal compliment to modern architectural designs. This façade cladding system features a simple click system, offering four vertical profile designs and one horizontal profile design. The invisible fixation and straight lines create an elegant appearance for both interior and
exterior spaces.

Benefits OF The deco wall


The Deco Wall consists of 4 vertical finishing profiles and 1 horizontal finishing profile.


The Deco Wall system can also be installed on windows, doors, and gates.


The Deco Wall material is stocked in mill finish.

Powder Coat

A wide range of custom powder coating options are available, with a minimum lead time of 15 working days. Providing you with endless possibilities to bring your vision to life.


  • 4 vertical finishing profiles:

– DW230: Deco Wall 20mm x 30mm profile.
– DW231: Deco Wall 40mm x 30mm profile.
– DW232: Deco Wall 40mm x 30mm recessed profile.
– DW240: Deco Wall 90mm x 20mm wide profile.

  • 1 horizontal finishing profiles:

– DW233: Deco wall 20mm x 65mm Horizontal profile.

  • Embracing effortless installation:

– The façade cladding system consists of multiple base profiles which includes the starting, transition, intermediate, corner, rail and ending profiles. The finishing profiles are mounted as a click system ensuring concealed fixations for a clean and polished appearance.

  • Endless colour options:

– You can achieve a uniquely vibrant colour scheme by selecting a different colour for the background profile (starting, transition, intermediate, corner, rail and ending profiles.) compared to the finishing profile.

– The finishing profile offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of colours, which can be coordinated with the background profile, allowing you to create an appealing colour palette that complements your interior or exterior. This provides you with multiple color options for your preferred Deco Wall system. For instance, you can opt for a black background profile and pair it with white and red finishing profiles to create a striking and contrasting colour scheme for your Deco Wall system.

  • Durable and maintenance friendly:

– Aluminium is characterized by its durability and low maintenance requirements. The aluminium cladding is resistant to all weather conditions. It is a strong material that is also 100% recyclable. This façade cladding system is easy to clean in terms of maintenance. The powder coating provides a good protective layer and retains the colour.

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